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Background Information
What is Barrier Analysis
How to Conduct Barrier Analysis
Defining the goal, behavior & target group
Developing the behavior question
Developing questions about determinants
Organizing the analysis sessions
Collecting field data
Organizing and analyzing results
Using the results

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  Organizing the Analysis Sessions

Now we come to the fourth step in carrying out Barrier Analysis: organizing the actual focus group or individual interview sessions. This should be done in the same way that you organized the field practicum (see instructions Field Practicum). However, you will do several things differently:

  • Rather than using both formats, just use one format, either individual interviews or focus groups. You can review the advantages and disadvantages of each format in making your decision.

  • Rather than just doing the study in two communities, do it in at least three communities for each cultural group of importance. Divide up your team in order to assign small teams to cover each community (in order to conduct the study rapidly).

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