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Background Information
What is Barrier Analysis
How to Conduct Barrier Analysis
Defining the goal, behavior & target group
Developing the behavior question
Developing questions about determinants
Organizing the analysis sessions
Collecting field data
Organizing and analyzing results
Using the results

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  Developing Questions About Determinants: Individual Interviews

Individual Interviews

Another way to execute this step of Barrier Analysis is by conducting individual interviews. When preparing your questionnaire for these interviews, you will need to develop questions to examine each of the eight determinants mentioned previously.

The following generic questions can be modified to develop your survey questions. We have highlighted in parentheses the part of the question that would be changed if you changed the behavioral focus of your program. We have organized the questions below by the category of determinant they address.

Try to format the questionnaire so that you are always starting questions on a given determinant on a new page. In this way, you can later pull the questionnaire apart and have one person tabulate all of the responses related to a given determinant.

Developing Question Guides for Use with Individual Interviews (15kb)



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Individual Interviews
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